Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Kras Change (eBook)

The Kras Change manuscript details a very cool color change of one playing card into another with a mere snap of the card.  Michael Kras asked me to review his Kras Change manuscript that he has recently released to the public on  I don't know Michael personally but I am honored he allowed me to post my honest review on the Magic Yeti Blog!

Let's face it.  There are a lot of really good color changes for cardicians to choose from.  What makes this change so good is that the card seems to change before your eyes making it one of the most visual changes you'll ever see. 

In my analysis, there are 3 kinds of color changes:

  1. A change where the card is completely out of view (think Erdnase)
  2. Super slow visual change (V2F is a great example)
  3. Super fast change (Snap Change or that snappy change that Greg Wilson does)

The Kras Change fits into the Super Fast category.  Watch the demo!  It looks killer.

Marketing Fluff

The Kras Change is AN OPEN AIR, 100% VISUAL change of a card.

Magicians call it a color change.  But in truth, the whole darn card changes!

Michal Kras has created a color change where an isolated card, with barely a flick, visually changes to a completely different card!

Check out the amazing demo...

Looks like trick photography!

        Of course it's NOT trick photography!
        WHAT IT IS

        The Kras Chance IS as visual and practical as it gets!

        It IS exactly what your audience REALLY wants to see!

        It IS 100% impromptu.  It uses no gimmicks of any kind.

The Kras Change will take your card magic to a completely new level.

If you're familiar with Michael's previous release Destiny, then you know he's a great teacher.  His detailed manuscript includes plenty of photos to ensure that you will be performing this right away, regardless of your skill level.

Degree of Difficulty

Knacky, Knacky, Knacky.  This is not impossibly difficult but I found it very challenging and I've no way perfected it yet.  When you nail it, the Kras Change looks AMAZING!  Full disclosure here...I'm not very good with knacky moves.  My first 30 minutes of practice was completely futile.  Be prepared to spend a little quality time with this move.


The quality of the eBook is top notch.  Kras' style of writing is easy to understand and fun to read.  The manuscript has plenty of pictures to illustrate the move and hand positioning.  Kras covers any slight angle issues and clean-ups quite well.  I had no problem learning what I needed to do. 


The eBook sells for $10.  If you like the look of the Kras Change in the video demo and you have a place for it in your A+ material, then I think its a good value. 

Overall 7/10

Michael Kras has constructed a move that can really enhance your card routines with a lightening fast, yet powerful display of magic.  I'm a big believer in beating the spectator up with a lot of magical moments and the Kras Change might just snap your spectator upside the head with a kick-ass, visual change. 

Overall I gave the Kras Change a 7 which is a pretty good rating on my scale.  If I can perfect the move, I may even revisit this review and re-score it higher (which I do from time to time).  The Kras Change lost a point for destroying cards.  I found the move to be very hard on cards.  The change works best on a fresh deck of cards but as you learn, you will have a tendency to bend the crap out of the deck in no time.  I would compare this in difficulty to learning a card fold...its going to take some time to get is smooth and you're going to punish a few cards in the process.

Great job Michael!

Buy it here

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